Indoor Air Quality Solutions

High-end commercial lobby buildingA building’s indoor air quality (IAQ) significantly impacts the productivity, health, and comfort of its occupants. Frequently, measures that improve environmental quality can also help boost a building’s return on investment (ROI) by promoting energy efficiency and increasing the longevity of critical assets like HVAC systems.

EMCOR Services Team Mechanical specializes in multiple, cost-effective IAQ solutions, including needlepoint bipolar ionization (NPBI), ultraviolet (UV-C) lamps, and MERV filtration that can help keep a variety of facility environments free of harmful pathogens and particulate matter.

Why Improve IAQ?

Now more than ever, providing building occupants a healthy environment is essential, helping to instill confidence in your brand and mitigate the impact the current health crisis is having on your business.

Improving IAQ also comes with a number of other potential benefits, including:

  • Removes buildups of dust, dirt, mold, spores, microbes, viruses, and other particulates in HVAC systems
  • Potential boosts to HVAC system efficiency and lower energy costs
  • Reduced system maintenance requirements
  • Increased building ROI and longer life-span of critical assets
  • Elimination of airborne pathogens and odors
  • Cleaner cooling coils for greater capture efficiency
  • Increased employee productivity and tenant satisfaction

Patented Air Ionization Technology

UL and CE approved, NPBI emits ions that can kill pathogens, breakdown harmful compounds, and accumulate micro-particles into large filterable particles. After passing through the HVAC system, the ions enter a building's air stream, cleaning air throughout the entirety of a facility.

NPBI also helps boost the capture efficiency of HVAC systems and reduces the outdoor air required for operation, which can lead to significantly lower energy costs. We have seen some HVAC systems improve their capture efficiency by as much as 75 percent.

UV-C Lamps for 24-Hour Pathogen Control

We can provide and install the latest in UV-C technology, offering continuous protection from airborne pathogens that accumulate on HVAC equipment. Typically, UV-C lamps only need to be replaced once a year, making them one of the most affordable ways to improve IAQ and HVAC function. 

UV-C lamps can be installed either for surface decontamination—which focuses on exposing the cooling coil—or for airborne inactivation—which increases total exposure time in duct work—depending on your unique needs.

MERV Filtration Upgrades and Scheduled Replacements

Increasing the rating of HVAC filters remains one of the most fundamental and low-cost ways to improve IAQ. We can upgrade your filter’s MERV rating to the highest level compatible with your system, taking into account factors like fan-speed, air flow, and filter loading capacity.

Our HVAC professionals will make sure filters fit correctly in frames and confirm their effectiveness. We will also help you set up a regular replacement schedule, to ensure you aren’t using deteriorated filters.

If you want a cleaner, healthier building environment, reach out to our IAQ professionals today.