HVAC Equipment Replacement

ES_TMI HVAC Equip Replace_350x263.jpgOver time, even the best maintained equipment will require repairs, upgrades, and eventually, replacement.

By taking a forward-thinking approach, owners can make smart decisions about what upgrades are most viable for their system, plan ahead for major replacements, and ensure they are prepared in the event of an unexpected emergency.

Making these complex decisions can be challenging. Luckily, the experienced HVAC experts at EMCOR Services Team Mechanical can help you make an informed decision, based upon an assessment of your unique equipment and designed to help maximize your return on investment.

The right time to replace a commercial HVAC system

There's a tendency to delay commercial HVAC equipment replacement—including boiler replacement and chiller replacement— for as long as possible. While this defers capital costs, it can also delay savings from increased energy performance, improved reliability, and lowered maintenance and repair costs.

We can help you develop a long-term replacement strategy informed by a full assessment of your equipment. We develop a strategy by considering:

  • Remaining Useful Life – Using the age of manufacture and published service life estimates, of all major equipment we determine how long equipment will perform effectively.
    • We make additional adjustments to this calculation based on maintenance, run-time, and operating environment.
  • Energy Savings – As HVAC equipment has advanced, equipment efficiencies have improved significantly, so delaying replacement delays energy savings.
    • For example, replacing a 15-year-old packaged RTU can immediately result in a 25- to 35-percent improvement in energy efficiency.
  • Cost of Downtime/Reliability – While planned replacements typically require building downtime, unexpected downtime from a system failure or emergency repair is often much more costly and inconvenient.

Don’t delay. Call us today to discuss replacement options for your commercial HVAC equipment.

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