HVAC Equipment Energy Savings

Eliminate run time with HVAC energy savings

Eliminate unnecessary run time to get a quick return on investment with HVAC energy savings techniques. (And don’t forget to consider Team Mechanical for your HVAC preventive maintenance needs.)

During a typical week, office buildings are mostly unoccupied, which means commercial HVAC systems and interior lighting should be off the majority of the time. However, it's not uncommon for major commercial HVAC equipment and interior lighting to be on and running much longer than necessary—sometimes even running 24/7/365—which is not good for HVAC energy savings. 

Identify HVAC energy savings

Fortunately, the solution is simple. With potential HVAC energy savings up to 5% (and sometimes more), you should expect a very quick return on your investment. To achieve these savings:

  1. Conduct a night walk-through, looking for commercial HVAC equipment still running, and areas with lights still on.
  2. Obtain current operating schedules from your service provider and compare them to current building requirements.
  3. Adjust operating schedules to your building's actual needs.
  4. Ask your current service provider to include semi-annual schedule verification as part of their standard HVAC preventive maintenance plan. This will ensure that you maintain these savings moving forward.

Why wait? For more information on efficient HVAC energy savings, call today.