Energy Solutions

Technician working on solar panelsAt EMCOR Services Team Mechanical, our in-house engineering and design team offers a full-suite of energy management solutions, including energy audits, LEED and green building design, building automation systems, and more.

Combining years of mechanical systems expertise and today’s most innovative technologies, we are prepared to help clients realize significant HVAC energy savings.

Save Money by Maximizing HVAC Efficiency 

A commercial building’s HVAC systems is almost always its largest energy consumer, typically accounting for up to 40-percent of total energy costs. 

Fortunately, by implementing industry best practices and making intelligent investments in equipment and technology, much of these costs can be eliminated by increasing efficiency and eliminating waste. In fact, for many commercial buildings, we’ve achieved a 30-percent reduction in energy costs.

Customized Energy Strategies

When you work with us, we develop a customized energy strategy designed around your building’s unique operational and budgetary needs.  After performing an initial energy analysis, we make recommendations for many low- and no-cost energy conservation strategies, as well as suggestions for larger projects with good payback options. 

We prioritize suggested implementation strategies according to their contribution to performance and financial benefit. Leveraging the latest tools and technologies, we capture energy data, performance metrics, and long-term savings to demonstrate our value and hone your strategy.

Our team also works with electrical and gas utilities with the rebate programs, to ensure our clients are able to take full advantage of any available rebates throughout the process. 

High Efficiency Burner Upgrades

We also have the expertise and capabilities needed to upgrade old, inefficient burners with new, highly efficient models that can help you save significant energy dollars as well as extend the lifespan of your equipment.

Often, boilers with conventional burners can cost up to 20-percent more to operate than high-efficiency burners, and clients who upgrade can potentially see a return on investment in as little as two years. We provide free boiler energy analysis and savings estimates and have the capacity to handle the entire upgrade from procurement to installation. 

If you’re looking for more efficient more effective mechanical systems, contact the energy experts at Team Mechanical today.