Elk Grove Village, IL

Server Room Cooling System

Nine independent cooling systems capable of the precision control demanded by mission critical equipment.

Split image of the new cooling system installed at an office building consisting of wall-mounted indoor units and remote outdoor condensing units

Value Delivered

EMCOR Services Team Mechanical installed a new, state-of-the-art independent cooling systems for the nine LAN server rooms at an office building in Elk Grover Village, IL.

Some of the value-added benefits of this projects include:

  • Local utility rebate of over $60,000
  • Increased building operation, efficiency, and reliability
  • Reduced energy consumption and costs
  • More effective temperature-control over mission critical environment
  • Improved occupant comfort
  • Favorable payback period

Client Objectives

The client sought a comprehensive mechanical solution for its office building’s nine LAN server rooms that would promote maximum energy savings while offering precise control of the environment of its mission critical equipment.


The scope of work for this design-build project included furnishing and installing nine new, independent cooling systems using wall-mounted indoor units and remote outdoor condensing units located on the building’s rooftop.

Each LAN room features a wall-mounted thermostat, providing independent control of the systems. These independent systems allow the building’s central cooling system to be shut down during unoccupied hours, including week day nights and weekends, resulting in significant energy savings.

Client Background

This Fortune 500 Company provides cloud-based human resource outsourcing solutions to clients and businesses around the globe.