IAQ Solutions for Leading Medical Center

Helped improve IAQ, efficiency, and occupant comfort with advanced ionization technology.

Entrance view of a hospital

Value Delivered

EMCOR Services Team Mechanical installed cutting-edge air ionization equipment at a prestigious academic medical center, helping improve the indoor air quality (IAQ) and environmental health.

The equipment utilizes patented needlepoint bipolar ionization (NPBI) technology which releases ions that can kill pathogens, breakdown harmful compounds, and accumulate microparticles into larger filterable particles. After passing through the HVAC system, the ions enter a building’s air stream, cleaning air throughout the entirety of a facility.

Benefits to the client include:

  • Reduced pathogens
  • Reduced outside air intake
  • Elimination of diesel and aviation fuel odors
  • Increased HVAC system efficiency
  • Improved occupant health and comfort

Client Objectives

The client sought a comprehensive solution that could help improve IAQ and, in particular, eliminate odors and fumes from the center’s diesel generator and helicopter pad.


To address the client’s concerns, we began with a comprehensive evaluation of the facility’s mechanical systems coupled with indoor air quality testing. Because a facility’s mechanical systems can greatly affect indoor air quality, our experts recommended that odor ionization equipment, specifically utilizing NBPI technology, be installed in the air handling units.

We worked with a consulting engineer who helped determine the precise number of ionizers needed by identifying the measurements and concentration of the particles to be mitigated.

Client Background

Established in 1898, this client is a nationally ranked academic medical center located in Chicago, IL with two primary medical facilities on its campus.