Safety Days

TMI employees wearing pink safety hats for their Safety Days eventEMCOR Services Team Mechanical and our sister company Gibson Electric joined forces to put together a three-day event known as "Safety Days."

Even though attendance at Safety Days was not mandatory and the events were held after normal business hours, 100+ employees still attended to listen, learn, and show their commitment to safety—a testament to just how seriously our employees take field safety.

The event, created to provide additional education regarding safe work practices in both field personnel and management alike, generated a number of new safety ideas and reminded everyone to be vigilant when it comes to safety. Featuring a robust list of knowledgeable speakers, each day brought a variety of topics that all revolved around a central theme.

Safety: At the core of who we are

As a core value of EMCOR, safety defines who we are. How we act. What we strive for. But safety is also more than just something to aspire to. It’s an outcome, a product—the direct result of what happens when employees are properly trained to make safe decisions regardless of the circumstances.

Safety Days is an example of how collaboration and teamwork helps to perpetuate safe practices across all EMCOR companies. Through education, training, and the sharing of resources, EMCOR companies can inspire new safe work practices while staying vigilant with current ones.

Remember: While you work, injuries lurk.