Individual Safety Excellence Award

Steve Herner

Steve Herner award recipient for EMCOR's 2019 Safety Excellence AwardSteve Herner of EMCOR Services Team Mechanical was the recipient of the 2019 EMCOR Group Individual Safety Excellence Award.  Steve has been an instrumental part of Team Mechanical’s safety program, playing key roles in a number of challenging projects and promoting safety across the organization.

As Safety Director, Steve has helped Team Mechanical develop a positive, company-wide safety culture built on collaboration and teamwork. He strives to engage with as many employees as possible in order to develop the relationships and trust needed to have a successful program. Thanks to this approach, Steve is viewed as a consultant and vital partner on projects, not simply the “safety guy” there to observe passively.

Steve is a hands-on director and takes seriously his responsibility to ensure the integrity of every project Team Mechanical embarks on. He is highly engaged in field work, visiting a minimum of four sites each week to help ensure the company is following industry best practices and meeting stringent safety standards.

A creative problem solver with virtually unmatched industry expertise, Steve has helped plan and complete of some of Team Mechanical’s most challenging projects. To help ensure successful and safe execution, he is brought in on all high-profile, high-risk jobs, including helicopter lifts, crane lifts, rigging jobs, and more.

Kirk Pettingill, Team Mechanical’s President and CEO, gave a ringing endorsement of Steve, stating that he was, “the most engaged, most dedicated, and most talented safety director I’ve worked with in my life.”

Steve’s steadfast dedication to safety is an inspiration to the entire organization, and outstanding safety program he has helped develop at Team Mechanical is one to be emulated by EMCOR companies nationwide. Congratulations on this recognition Steve!